Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goals and Challenges

It seems that no matter where I am when I mention that I work for the Arthritis Foundation the comment is always “I have arthritis” or “I know someone who has arthritis”. Arthritis truly touches everyone. I think that is what makes working here so interesting. The need is so great; the work is truly important. We work through highs and lows, but we keep working. Some days the feeling is that we can meet this challenge – we can obtain our goals. Other days the question of success arises – can we really do this – does it really make a difference. Thankfully, those days are in the minority. We know that we will meet these challenges. We know that someday research will find the solution for these problems. In the meantime we are committed to making every penny count. We continue to give our energy, time and talents to raise funds for research and programs; to provide information; to raise awareness of arthritis; and to help enrich the lives and encourage those we serve. It truly is a rewarding time and place to be.

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