Thursday, August 20, 2009

Juvenile Arthritis Family Day Survey Results

This past weekend we hosted our 3rd Annual JA Family Day at National Jewish Hospital. We asked the kids what they thought of the day of events, and these were their responses:

1) Did you meet anyone new today?

Yes= 12 no=3 maybe=1

2) Did you learn anything new about arthritis?

yes=11 no=5

"it causes soreness"

"there are different types and different medicines"

"It's dangerous because it can make your ankle hurt and then you can fall down"

"Different kids get it"

3) Would you come again next year?

yes=14 maybe=2

"If it's OK with my mom and dad"

4) How can we make it better next year?

"Make the pool less hot"

"Have a different theme"

"Do more activities, more fun things"

"more crafts--just like this year"

"cake and ice cream"

"Have another theme. The future: robots and laser guns. The pointer would look like a laser gun, but really it

would be a pointer."

"Have music"

"More time in the pool."

Overall, a GREAT event. Can’t wait till next year!

Isabelle Stohler
Programs Manager, Rocky Mountain Chapter

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