Friday, November 6, 2009

Economy and Challenges

Recently, I was talking with some local college students about the economy and the challenges that we see in raising financial support for the Arthritis Foundation. The discussion moved to the shift in people's priorities due to the current downturns. In the back of my mind, I had an internal dialogue going about how these fiscal changes might benefit non-profit organizations in the future. It might be wishful thinking to say it out loud, but my hope is that the shift in people's priorities about their own lives can extend to the priorities of their corporate roles in the community. Businesses are made up of giving people, and giving people give to other people and so on. We are pleased to work with some great corporate partners each year and thank them for their generosity. Without the support of these generous stewards, our mission delivery would be greatly challenged. In the future, my dream is to see more companies invest in the valuable work of community organizations and grow a stronger “economy” of caring services for those in need. We always welcome your suggestions and referrals to build new partnerships. Feel free to contact Todd McPherson, Director of Corporate Development, ( or (303)756-8622 x245) with your ideas.

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