Friday, July 10, 2009


Healthcare reform is a very hot topic now all across the country. The Arthritis Foundation recently released a position statement (see below) that lists priorities to be included in any new legislation. As I reviewed these, I thought about all of the people who contact us looking for help with prescriptions, medical equipment, insurance premiums and many other medical costs and how we wish there were more resources for all of these important needs. This is a good time to let your legislators know about some of the issues that you face as a person with arthritis or as a family member or caregiver for someone with arthritis. It really does matter when people call or email their representative and tell their personal story. The Arthritis Foundation has an easy way for people to become involved in advocacy efforts. You can become an e-advocate by only dedicating an hour or less a month. An Arthritis Ambassador commits to two hours a month of advocacy efforts and might do things like write a letter to their newspaper or try to meet in person with a legislator. You can join a network of thousands of people across the country who do make a difference. There is power in numbers! For more information about how to join these efforts go to: www.arthritis/org/inside-advocacy.php or call me, Kathy Jensen, at 303-756-8622 ext. 229.

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