Thursday, January 29, 2009


At the Arthritis Foundation’s Commitment to a Cure luncheon in November 2008 my daughters, Norma and Julie, and I presented how arthritis affected our lives. In December, the three of us volunteered at the Denver Jingle Bell Run. We had a great time working at the incentive booth, giving awards for extra donations. Although it was very cold, we met a lot of people who braved the weather and turned out to walk or run to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. Norma’s RA continues to be under control. Julie’s fractured kneecap is healing, although surgery to repair a torn meniscus is still questionable.

We are well into 2009 now and like everyone else I have committed to making changes to better my health. I am concentrating on a healthy eating program. I was successful in avoiding most of the goodies in front of me through the holidays. With my daughter Norma, I have gone back to the water aerobics class twice a week. I could really feel the difference in my knee and hip when not utilizing the warm water exercise for two weeks, proof that the exercise promoted by the Arthritis Foundation works!!!

This is going to be a challenging year for the Arthritis Foundation. I know that our dedicated staff and wonderful volunteers will make it a successful year.

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